Klea Ave, London

Klea Avenue, London

4 bedroom family home 


In five short months, this family home went from standard to showpiece. Previous owners had removed all the quaintness that typically accompanies properties in Abbeville Village, so where most buyers passed due to the home’s lack of character, we saw opportunity.


The project first tackled the structural changes, all ground floor internal walls were removed in order to create one large open plan living space. This presented a major challenge for the team as imaginitive solutions would later be needed to create intimate zones in the main living space.


Next, a side return and loft extension were added followed shortly thereafter by the first and second floor reconfiguration for better use of the layout. What remained after this was a shell or, as we saw it, a blank canvas. The home was completely rewired and replumbed, new double glazed windows replaced the old and energy efficient systems were installed throughout. The home was brought into modernity with underfloor heating, hidden sound systems, layered lighting and an abundance of integrated storage.


The interior focus was on modern family living and flexibility. What today is used as a child’s room can tomorrow be an office. The result is a generous living space peppered with sweeping architectural statements all the while maintaining a quiet backdrop of approachable style.